Project Steering Committee

A Steering Committee of key members of the SSFPA was formed to provide support to the project and to ensure ongoing communication with the Board of Directors. The Steering Committee has been meeting quarterly to consider the progress of the project and to provide advice to the consultants carrying on the technical work.

Pamela Baxter, President
Cascadia Gluten Free Foods Ltd.

Nancy Ross, Past Director
Ross Food Consulting Ltd.

Kristen Trovato, Director
Okanagan Mobile Juicing Inc

Andrea Gray Grant, SSFPA Member
Good To Grow

Joppa Wills, Director
Joppa Wills Inc.

Carmen Wakeling, Vice President
Eatmore Sprouts & Greens Ltd.

Susan Snow, Director
Snow Farms Ltd.

Lisa Mumm, SSFPA Member
Mumm’s Sprouting Seeds

Sandy Mark, Past Executive Director
Project Co-Manager

Candice Appleby, Executive Director
Project Co-Manager