Issues with the Food System

Concerns about the food system have been escalating over the past several years…Because of COVID 19, long-held problems with food system workers and food supply chains registered in the pubic and political consciousness. Climate change is creating serious problems for farmers who have suffered for many years with a ‘farm income crisis’. Canada’s focus on export of commodities has pointed to the vulnerability we face if other countries’ food product manufacturing is impacted. Questions are being raised about the corporate control of the food system and the low rate of investment in food infrastructure in Canada is thereby highlighted.

There are escalating health problems resulting from hyper-processed foods. All of these issues (and more) are important to be understood by small scale food processors as they position their business ventures. The SSFPA’s position is that a food policy for Canada must address these issues. We see great hope that the work of our members and ssfp’s across the country, if properly supported, can be leaders in rebuilding a robust domestic food system. Focusing policy and resources on local food entrepreneurship and innovation has the potential to transform millions of lives. Articles in this section provide an overview of these issues.