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Climate Conscious Processing

Carbon Farming and its Impact on Regenerative Agriculture

November 26, 2021|Categories: Climate Conscious Processing|

As producers realize the importance of regenerative agriculture, especially in its relation to sustainability, innovative implementations are fast emerging. Carbon farming is a practice that allows producers to not only protect the land they farm [...]

Future of Food

What’s on the Plate in 2024? A Glimpse into Upcoming Food Trends

January 18, 2024|Categories: Future of Food|

With a new year, comes new trends. Below are the food trends expected to take Canada by storm this year.  Specialty Seasonings: Custom seasoning blends can elevate the simplest of meals. As consumers spend [...]

Tokyo Nutrition for Growth Summit Summary – Global Nutrition Crisis

March 3, 2022|Categories: Future of Food|

On December 7th, Nutrition for Growth kicked off their 2021 Tokyo summit and highlighted issues with malnutrition and access to nutrient-dense food. Below is a summary of the summit and Canada’s involvement.  What is [...]

Bioregional Food System Development

Minister of Agriculture Mandate Letter Summary

March 3, 2022|Categories: Bioregional Food System Development|

On December 16, 2021, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau published his Minister Mandate letters, which outline challenges each minister should address in their role, as well as goals they will work to accomplish. Trudeau’s letter [...]

CAPI Agri-Food Systems Transformation

November 26, 2021|Categories: Bioregional Food System Development|

In 2020, Cornell University released research conducted by an expert panel on the topic of “innovations to build sustainable, equitable, inclusive food value chains.” Panelist Christopher Barrett, an agricultural economist, created a presentation using [...]

Women In Business

Financial Confidence and its Impact on Women-Owned SMEs

November 28, 2021|Categories: Women In Business|

The female economy is the world’s largest, fastest-growing market, and women control 80% of buying decisions made worldwide (Deloitte) which amounts to over $72 trillion. On a personal level, women have an 8.1% rate of [...]


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