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Climate Conscious Processing

Carbon Farming and its Impact on Regenerative Agriculture

November 26, 2021|Categories: Climate Conscious Processing|

As producers realize the importance of regenerative agriculture, especially in its relation to sustainability, innovative implementations are fast emerging. Carbon farming is a practice that allows producers to not only protect the land they farm [...]

Future of Food

Bioregional Food System Development

CAPI Agri-Food Systems Transformation

November 26, 2021|Categories: Bioregional Food System Development|

In 2020, Cornell University released research conducted by an expert panel on the topic of “innovations to build sustainable, equitable, inclusive food value chains.” Panelist Christopher Barrett, an agricultural economist, created a presentation using [...]

Women In Business

Financial Confidence and its Impact on Women-Owned SMEs

November 28, 2021|Categories: Women In Business|

The female economy is the world’s largest, fastest-growing market, and women control 80% of buying decisions made worldwide (Deloitte) which amounts to over $72 trillion. On a personal level, women have an 8.1% rate of [...]


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