Meet Women Food Entrepreneurs

In the spring of 2019, six case study videos were commissioned as part of the Women’s Project so that the kinds of issues facing women could not only be told in documents but also through first-person stories.

The purpose was to inform our supporters and financing advisors about the issues they were dealing with from the women processors’ points of view. The videos were also used at a National meeting of our partners in 2019. The videos are not High Definition, and the sound may vary as the set and setting were impromptu, however, the purpose was to create a learning video and was not to create a broadcast-quality promotion video.
The videos were well received by the people the SSFPA wanted to influence, so a decision was made to place them on this webpage as training videos to share the experiences from these brave women. The insights the women share are invaluable for inspiring other women processors, lenders, and the SSFPA.
These case studies are about a snap-shot of a food processing business owned and operated by women and are valid for that purpose.

All the SSFPA members who were part of this project were asked these same questions. The videos were recorded in impromptu settings.
1. What is your business about: why are you passionate about your product(s)? What is your vision for your business? What are your financial goals?
2. What was your funding/financing journey like? We want to hear about your issues at start-up and your issues when you are ready to grow your business.
3. What do you think financing agencies can be doing to help get financing moving for small scale food processors?
4. How has the SSFPA helped you?
5. How could the SSFPA help more?

Check out video interviews with each woman below.