Tiffany Shen

Kapow Now Foods |

Tiffany starts the video by sharing a belief many of us have, that “Food is Intimate.” She talks about how that passion led her to start her business at home when she changed her diet to healthy eating. Like many small-scale business start-ups, she found “love money” from friends and family to launch her business. Tiffany benefitted from mentors in her network and support from organizations like the SSFPA helping on her financial journey. Tiffany’s business background helps her provide examples of why margins in various market channels are different from each other. She works backward from the retail price to see if a product can be made that covers the cost of goods sold to provide a profit. She shares some pros and cons with promotion through social media channels and in-store demonstrations, which depend on specific products’ characteristics. Tiffany also discusses contract manufacturing to specifications commonly called co-packing. Tiffany has created networks that share physical assets, business planning, and marketing plan supports for women. Tiffany hopes that the SSFPA can help design funding and financing with the language and values women are bringing to the food processing sector. Tiffany’s mantra is “Go fast alone, go further with others”. She hopes the SSFPA can increase peer-to-peer mentorship to facilitate further trading of valuable skills opportunities.

As of 2020: Tiffany had a possible sale of her business to one of her long-term supplers at the start of 2020 with a clause for her to set up as a co-packer. Then Covid-19 hit and she cound not find a space suitable for physical distancing. Tiffany decided it was time to move on and has decided to focus on providing consulting services for food businesses that aim for social impact.