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Achieving Net-Zero Emissions

March 3, 2022|Categories: Climate Conscious Processing|

In order to stabilize rising temperatures and mitigate the negative effects of global warming, scientists are increasingly pointing to achieving net-zero emissions as essential in stopping climate change. Below is a summary of the [...]

Innovation is a Process

March 1, 2022|Categories: Future of Food|

‘Innovation’ and ‘Technology’ are high-profile buzz words. They’ve been getting more attention during the pandemic’s lockdowns due to major shifts to digital platforms and ways of working.  Sometimes, it seems like unless ‘innovation’ is about [...]

Alternative Protein Sources

November 29, 2021|Categories: Future of Food|

As worries over personal health and the health of the environment loom, many consumers have turned to alternative protein as a way to make a healthy swap. Companies such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods [...]


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