Background Research

The Small Scale Food Processor Association (SSFPA) with the support of Status of Women Canada launched a 36-month project aimed to address the systemic and institutional barriers impacting the economic security of women entrepreneurs in the food processing industry. The Goals of the project include:

Development of effective partnerships with private sector partners

  • With our members and other industry partners, seeking to understand the unique situation women food processors face in accessing finance that exists above and beyond the general issues women entrepreneurs face in the financing market place
  • Develop a rationale regarding the place of small processors in the food processing industry to motivate our private sector partners to assist us in planning and implementing strategies, tools and solutions to the documented issues. Our messages are that their financing businesses will benefit as women food processors benefit. In achieving this goal, we will see an increase in sustainable private sector leadership and investment in women’s food entrepreneurship.
  • Test and implement solutions
  • Share our results broadly across the country.

This project allows us to look for answers to the following questions:

  • Can the SSFPA work with our partner financing agencies to develop a ‘due diligence’ process that is rooted in industry knowledge?
  • Can the SSFPA find a way to coordinate access to finance strategies for women food processors such that there is a clear pathway from an open the door to a manageable loan or investment for a start up or growing food value-added company?
  • What is the role of the SSFPA in building the financial ecosystem that will help strengthen the sector?
  • Should the SSFPA develop and manage a financing program?
  • What organizations across BC and across the country wish to partner with the SSFPA to scale the knowledge we gain so that the thousands of small scale food processors will have better options and opportunities to succeed in the market place?

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