Introduction to Investment Readiness

In this section, we are providing you with some overview documents to introduce you to some of the key concepts that you will need to understand if you decide to start a small scale food processing business. Review these slide presentations below to start your journey. Once you have a general idea of what you need to understand, we suggest that you work your way through the ‘Recipe for Success’ course on the SSFPA main website.

> Food Processing 101 – Power Point presentation

> Bioregional Food Systems – Power Point presentation

> Planning for Business Viability – Power Point presentation

> Structuring Your Business – Power Point presentation

Finding the Money

You will need money to start and grow your business.  We really encourage you to get comfortable with borrowing and eventually to taking on investing partners.  You must start by becoming Investment Ready and then Finding the Money to support your business.

> Becoming Investment Ready – PowerPoint presentation

> Finding the Money – PowerPoint presentation

>Finding the Money: Financial Innovation to Support Women Food Processors– PowerPoint presentation 

Risk Management
Many women are worried about Risk when they consider going after the money they will need. We really encourage you to become investment ready and to become ‘financially confident’. However, it is a good idea to come to grips with the real risks in the food business—any business faces risk. The best thing is to understand how to deal with risk is to manage it!

> Risk Management for SSFPs – Power Point presentation